Space Missions

I work on a number of different space missions, at all different phases of the mission life cycle. Some are operational, some have concluded, some are in development or under study, and some are proposed.

Operational space missions

Build phase: preparing for launch

  • RADCUBE (CubeSat) (launch 2021) – Principal Investigator (Magnetometer)
  • JUICE (launch 2022) – Co-Investigator (J-MAG Magnetometer)

In development

  • Lagrange (launch 2025) – Principal Investigator (Magnetometer)

Under study

  • Deep Space Gateway – Space Plasma Physics Payload Payload conceptual design study


  • Plasma Observatory (ESA Voyage 2050 white paper) – Co-principal Investigator (Magnetometer)


  • CINEMA/TRIO (CubeSats) (launch 2012) – Co-Investigator